Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Diane's Desperate Actions.. SPOILERS!

Warning! SPOILERS... 

The anticipated IVF storyline with the O'Connor family kicks off this week, on Thursday 30/09/10. 

Here I will summarise the events of the next two weeks so if you DO NOT wish to be informed prior to the episodes being shown then DO NOT read on!

Thursday: After some persuasion from Sinead, Diane takes an early pregnancy test and both are hopeful of the results

Friday: Sinead returns home to the bad news that her step mum is not pregnant and consoles her. Disheartened, Diane tells Sinead that she is going to make a trip to the hospital to see the Nurse and refuses Sinead's company. Later on when Sinead returns home she is in dismay as Diane is cradling a new born that she has stolen from the hospital

Monday: Whilst Diane dotes on the new baby Finn and Sinead are in shock and trying to get their heads around their step mum's actions.  Sinead advises her Dad; Rob, to go easy on Diane and he is put in a difficult position as Diane pleads with him to let her keep the baby. 

Tuesday: Sinead is worried that Diane will not return the baby and Diane confesses that she believes the new born to be ill. Diane is torn between being found out and the baby's health, so Sinead calls on Lynsey for help, who is shocked at the events and Diane begins to break down 

Wednesday:  Following questions from Lynsey Diane's vulnerability shows as she cracks under the pressure and Rob attempts to calm the situation. Lynsey offers to return the baby but Rob is adamant that it would be good for Diane to return it herself.

Thursday:  Sinead gently persuades her step mum to let Lynsey help who states clearly to Diane that the only feasible option is to return the baby. Finn secretly confides his worries to Amber, who suggests that he returns the baby himself. Without informing his family Finn takes it upon himself to do just that

Friday: Finn's actions cause some serious ruptures within the family as everyone is worried over his disappearance with the baby. Diane is afraid that she has potentially got herself into serious trouble. 

Friday, 17 September 2010

Hollyoaks Charity Ball

stills from the brand spanking new titles!

This Saturday Hollyoaks stars are taking to Chester Racecourse to entertain the crowds with their various talents by putting on a glitzy set helped along by some surprise guests also from the world of television! The highly anticipated ball is being hosted by Greg Burns (Capital FM presenter and stand up comedian) and is being followed by an afterparty at Cruise Nightclub which boasts 6 different themed rooms inspired by various fantastic party destinations from across the world. Funds raised from these two events will be donated to Alder Hey Imagine Appeal and Claire House Children’s Hospice.

 The musical extravaganza has been organised by the programme producers Lime Pictures and a vast amount of the cast will be taking part, including Stephanie. Accompanying Stephanie will be Andy Moss (Rhys Ashworth), Ashley Taylor Dawson (Darren Osborne), Carley Stenson (Steph Cunningham), Jimmy McKenna (Jack Osborne), Joel Goonan (Gaz Bennett), Nicole Barber-Lane (Myra McQueen) and Alice Barlow (Rae). It sounds like a fabulous evening so I hope the cast and the people of Chester enjoy the Hollyoaks Ball!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Over The Rainbow is up for an award

It seems that the television delight that was Over The Rainbow has not been forgotten, as it has been nominated to win the 'Theatrical Event of the Year' award from BroadwayWorld.com London . This nomination is a credit of all the contestants fantastic talent and everybody's hard work that went into producing the show.

The show is up against other contenders such as the appearance of Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act, West End Live, Legally Blonde London live cast recording, and the opening of Love Never Dies, and Shoshana Bean Live in the West End.
It's down to you to decide the winner, so please take the time to cast your vote! Use the form HERE. To see the full list of nominations throughout all the categories, please click HERE . There are two pages worth of nominations.

Carley Stenson's Leaving Party

The beloved Carley Stenson who plays character Steph in Hollyoaks is leaving the soap through an emotional cancer storyline, as she is set to take the stage as Margot, Elle Woods companion in the musical 'Legally Blonde'. She is part of an updated cast including Denise Van Outen who will begin at the Savoy Theatre, London on 25th of October.

To say goodbye to Carley the cast threw a fancy dress party in Liverpool, with the theme as pop and rockstars. There were some hilarious outfits including Bronagh Waugh's (Cheryl Brady) take on Lady Gaga, complete with holey fishnets and cigarette glasses famed in GaGa's Telephone video. The bash fell on the same night as the MTV VMA's, but I can't quite work out who looked 'better', GaGa in the meat dress or Bronagh Waugh sporting a fake package and leotard?! Michael Jackson, Jarvis Cocker, Madonna and Cheryl Cole were some of the impersonated. Stephanie rocked an Amy Winehouse outfit complete with beehive wig and over the top eyeliner.

I must emphasise that you can read other articles and see photos at the Daily Mail website and Holy Moly,


Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sinead caught up in explosive new storyline

So I trust you've all been enjoying Hollyoaks recently and watching the storylines unfold? Well soon there is to be a dramatic disaster in the village as Tony's restaurant 'Il Nosh' goes up in flames this year around bonfire night! Sinead and Finn O'Connor are to name a few who get caught up in the blaze, but which characters will be departing the show?

You will have to watch from Friday 5th November, as the storyline unfolds from this date. The week commencing 8th of November will spark tension as the first four episodes of the week will see four different stories unfold, so you will be left guessing who caused the fire and what will be happening next.

Producer Paul Marquess has said that:

"It's structurally very different, and I just don't think that the other soaps would dare do a plot like this. I really hope that it's going to make people cry an awful lot." 
"We're remaining very tight lipped on which characters will survive the fire but all I will say is that it will be shocking. The sets have been prepped to go up in flames and the cast and crew are excited to film these explosive scenes."

So it sounds like it's going to be an emotional time for Hollyoaks fans, I wouldn't miss out if I were you! We know that it's going to be an arson attack, so who do you think it will be?

You may have noticed that the current titles are a bit dated, well not to worry as the new ones will come on air as of next week beginning Monday 13th, during the usual slot of 6:30pm on Channel 4

sources: e4.com/hollyoaks, digitalspy.co.uk/soaps

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Tune In Today!

As if you haven't heard enough already, we are literally hours away from The O'Connor's first episode in Hollyoaks hitting our screens! Make sure you tune into Channel 4 at 6:30 this evening where the new arrivals are introduced.

The O'Connor family appear to be a humble, down to earth family, with an adoring and proud Stepmother, and a protective older sibling in the form of Sinead. As well as looking out for her younger brother Finn, Sinead is a mischievous character whose own practical joke backfires as the consequences don't quite turn out in her favour...
As the new clan settle in the twist in the tale is revealed in a gripping IVF storyline, but you will have to watch to see what will happen!

For those who are reading post first episode, what did you make of the new family? Personally I caught the episode on ' E4 first look' last night and was really impressed: the new characters are really believable and like-able, and without being biased I thought Stephanie did really well, she stood out by establishing Sinead really well, and I also really look forward to seeing more from Diane. Please leave a comment below this post and tell us what you think!