Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas

I would just like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas, and hope you are having lovely holidays. Thank you to those who have been visiting the blog since it has been running and best wishes for the New Year ahead! This is the last post of 2010, and what better way to round it off than with a video from Stephanie and some Hollyoaks friends. Be back in 2011, Han x

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Coming Over All Chrismassy!

A couple of weekends ago the Hollyoaks village started celebrating the Christmas spirit by filming the Hollyoaks Music Show Christmas Special with McFly, Alesha Dixon & The Wanted. This extract here is from FemaleFirstUK:

Hollyoaks hotties gathered round with Alice Barlow and Stephanie Davis swooning over the popstars which not only included The Wanted but also McFly, Jason Derulo and Tinchy Stryder. Steph was hoping to bump into childhood favourite McFly, “When I was younger I used to stand there and watch them at a concert and think one of them was making eye contact with me out of the thousands of people there. I wouldn’t mind kissing Dougie under the mistletoe.” You’ll see Steph bobbing out to Jason Derulo and getting a bit hot under the collar as the American singer sings chart hit ‘Higher’, “I did nearly faint, I wanted to be one of his sexy backing dancers. I’m off to try and sit on his knee in Santa’s Grotto.”

On top of all of that the Hollyoaks cast had a go at some Festive Karaoke...

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Sinead Makes A Shocking Discovery

Hi guys, make sure you watch Hollyoaks next week as the plot involving Amber Sharpe and the O'Connors intensifies and becomes more complex. If you don't want to find out a brief summary of events then stop reading now!

There have been tell-tale signs for a while that Amber holds feelings for Mr.O'Connor; she massively misinterprets his attempt to comfort her through her pregnancy, resulting in her making a move on him. At the same time Sinead discovers Amber's diary and learns the true extent of Amber's feelings for her Dad. Unable to hold the secret to herself Sinead eventually confides in Diane.. but how will she react and what will be the consequences? Will Sinead and Amber still be 'best friends'? Keep watching Hollyoaks every weekday at 6:30 on Channel 4, and take advantage of the 'First Look' service on E4 7pm.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Stephanie's Own Song...Acapella!

Stephanie's uploaded a video onto youtube account "Missstephanieann" of herself singing acapella... the exciting news is that this is one of Stephanie's very own songs that she has written! And it's absolutely fantastic. Outside of working hard on Hollyoaks she likes to spend time playing her piano and writing music. Stephanie has some studio time booked to record her very own material but couldn't wait to share this. Hopefully we'll be hearing some more of this brilliant material soon but for the mean time enjoy Stephanie's video! The song is titled 'Naughty Girl'. See what you reckon and leave a comment guys. Hope you're all enjoying the build up to Christmas! So here it is...

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Stephanie and Alex in OK! Mag

This week's OK! Magazine features quite an extensive girlie catch up with the two Hollyoaks stars. The two girls were taken away from their busy schedules to have a chat with the celebrity gossip magazine over food at the modern, swanky restaurant 'Paesano' in Merseyside, Liverpool.

You can buy this edition of OK! Magazine for one week only so head on down to your nearest shop and pick up a copy!

Here is a few extracts from the interview, not the article in it's entirety. The bold underlined subtitles have been added in by myself to break up the topics. You can read the full article in the magazine or head on over to the online article


'THEY might play mother and daughter on screen but these two Hollyoaks honeys are more like sisters in real life! Alex Fletcher, once best known as Jacqui Dixon in Channel 4’s fondly remembered Brookside – and a memorable competitor on this year’s Celebrity MasterChef – is back in the land of Mersey soaps thanks to her headline-grabbing role as mixed-up mum Diane O’Connor in the teen teatime drama, which recently saw her confused character in the middle of a compelling baby-snatch storyline'....

Stephanie on Flashdance and Over The Rainbow: ‘It was a tough decision, as both Flashdance and Hollyoaks came my way around the same time, but I know I made the right choice,’ says 17-year-old Stephanie, ‘and the best thing about this job is that I get to spend time with Alex, who’s more like my older sister than my second mum!’...

Stephanie, we remember you well as a Dorothy hopeful on Over The Rainbow – looking back, how do you feel about that whole experience?
I adored it. To be in the final 20 from thousands of auditions was pretty amazing. Also, as someone who’s grown up having asthma I feel I can give that hope to people with asthma as well, because you might think that kind of thing would prevent you. But it hasn’t prevented me!

Has your asthma held you back in any way in your career?
It doesn’t affect my singing, dancing or acting – so the answer is no. I can’t run for toffee, though. Ask me to do the 100 metres and I couldn’t do it!

You were the fifth Dorothy to leave Over The Rainbow. How did you feel at the time? Were you gutted?
When I watch my final goodbye on tape now, I cringe! I won’t let anyone play it. I cried my eyes out, I was like the Niagara Falls. But you’re living this amazing lifestyle, which I’d worked so hard for, and sharing the house with 11 other girls, who’d become like my sisters, so that’s the upsetting thing, leaving them.
You two really seemed to have bonded as friends as well as acting colleagues…
Stephanie: Alex and I just clicked immediately. I feel so lucky about that, it makes going to work such a pleasure!
Alex: Steph reminds me so much of me when I was her age. I obviously haven’t quite got the voice she’s got! I can hold a tune, Barry White-style! And my daughter Yas was such a fan of Over The Rainbow, so when she heard Stephanie was going to be my screen daughter she went crazy!

Stephanie on her character and boys:
Stephanie, tell us about your character Sinead.
She’s a bit of a bad girl and she might bring some trouble to Hollyoaks. She’s a bit of a fan of the boys and has a little fun with them. There’s a lot of cute guys in the show, so I’m glad I’ll be moving around!

Have you got a boyfriend?

No, I’m single. That’s cool – for now. This is my work and that’s what I’m concentrating on. I wouldn’t mix business with pleasure – even if I’d love to, with so many cute lads around me! '