Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hollyoaks Girls Get Natural

In this weeks issue of 'heat' magazine some of the Hollyoaks girls tackled the make up remover and stripped their faces bare for the camera. In a 'No Make-Up Special' Stephanie, Rachel Shenton (Mitzee), Jessica Fox (Nancy), Bronagh Waugh (Cheryl) and Abi Phillips (Liberty) chatted to Heat about how they feel wearing no make up and their skin care tips. Working in front of a camera and spending hours in hair and make up for the soap puts strain on their skin but in a bid to promote natural beauty the girls have shown that you can look just as gorgeous without layers of slap!

If you click the picture below you will be able to view the whole article which I have scanned and uploaded (the pages are inexplicably not in the right order however). If you wish to share the document please refer back to this site, thank you :)

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