Sunday, 18 December 2011


Once and for all..

You can quit your jibber jabber about 'that' 1D rumour now. I've never taken much to publicly discussing personal life (they're opposites for a reason!) but I think this little video is worth posting. I reckon you can tell from Steph's face that she knows what the journo is going to ask before she even asks it

I hope you're all having a merry festive period and getting into the Christmas spirit!

Friday, 16 December 2011

time for a December post...

Check out these fierce photographs of Steph taken at various occasions from the beginning of December. Stephanie appeared at the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham and had a brilliant day with heat magazine and the fans. 

Next up is the star studded 'T4 Stars of 2011' a musical showcase where the best mainstream music artists from the past year take part in a massive concert in London.

More recently, Stephanie's got a new man in her life: the cute and fluffy Romeo. Don't you just want him for yourself!

What a way to be filling the last month of the year! Set your alarms to rise and shine for the Hollyoaks Music Show, broadcasting tomorrow morning at 8:55am on Channel 4. Reckon you can make it out of bed for a bit of class music and festive spirit with Steph and some of the other Hollyoaks gang? I reckon I might be dragging my duvet downstairs with me to the sofa!