Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Hollyoaks: a gender question from Radio Times

As many avid Hollyoaks fans will probably have observed, the teenage soap has undergone changes in it's direction since being taken on by producer Emma Smithwick last August.
In the Radio Times at the end of last week, Gareth McLean's article about Emma Smithwick's approach to gender issues was published. McLean discusses Smithwick's drive toward making sure strong, practical and rational female personalities are represented in the soap.
The discussion of the article is driven more towards the female question, rather than addressing the significance of the depiction of both male and female characters as 'hunks' and 'babes', but nonetheless it is a thought provoking article from fans who may like to consider where the soap sits in terms of its representation of gender.

The argument constructed by Gareth McLean does not reflect the views of myself, as ever this blog occupies a space of neutrality when it comes to politically driven articles such as this! I'm featuring this article on here to fulfil the aim of bringing you all appropriate things Hollyoaks and Stephanie related.
Maybe you think McLean is taking things too seriously and being overly politically correct, or maybe you think there is worth in his discussion? I would be interested to read your opinions and comments about the Radio Times article, so please leave a comment below.

Read the Radio Times article in question here: Hollyoaks: are the days of babes and hunks numbered?

This photo is taken from Stephanie's twitter on Sunday, when she and other Hollyoaks cast members went to the Dancing On Ice studios to give contestant Jorgie Porter (who plays Theresa McQueen) their support in person.

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